A launcher for the disabled that gives them control again.

I was the production lead and designer for the accessible games Launcher. This project had a specific design challenge of having to work with only one buttonĀ  but also intuitive touch controls.

The product was designed to create an ecosystem for anyone to add their games to and for any person to use, no matter their ability.


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  • UI/UX
  • Client relations
  • Design
  • Prototyping

Reading between the lines of analytics to find the person

My role in the creation of the accessible launcher was as a production lead. Managing the different talents that created the launcher. Using agile team methods we rapidly prototyped and developed different version of the launcher as well as several arcade games. It maintained the relations between the different teams and to kept the larger end goal in mind.

I also created the road map as well as application flowcharts and design style. When needed I jump between teams to help fulfill the needs to maintain a steady production time.

For the design role i worked in Adobe XD and Unity to create interactive prototypes for the developers to turn into robust modular code.

Awards & Mentions

  • Make a wish partnership
  • Raised funding