A place for accessible entertainment where anyone can escape

I am the Co-founder and lead designer for Cloudwhale BV. A game developer and store for accessible games. Cloudwhale focuses on creating simple and accessible games.

It aims to become the defacto place for everything accessible. At cloudwhale i developed the company and its identity. With this i pitched to clients and investors, securing funding and grew an international team.


  • Design UI/UX
  • Art
  • Strategy
  • Leader

Awards & Mentions

  • Venture labs Business award
  • Make a wish partnership

Project Outcome

Growing a team and idea

Within the company I created business plans, financial reports and prototypes and pitched them all to possible investors. I created the direction Cloudwhale would drive towards, while my Partner Developed modular application. Between ourselves and a small team of designers, artists and developers we have created a total of 6 games and launched Cloudwhale Store.

A vision for the future

Cloudwhale store is my overarching goal and vision for Cloudwhale. A defacto location for everything accessible and entertainment. Selling mainstream games in support of accessible entertainment.